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Content. Conversation. Community

Trivone stands for the three pillars that hold up our personal and professional worlds today.

Trivone is a new age information company committed to leveraging content on the Web to start conversations and build communities. We believe in the power of content to initiate an exchange of views and ideas among target audiences across verticals. This power is rooted in the medium itself because unlike traditional media where you read or listen, in the digital world you engage.

We understand content, for Trivone is promoted by one of India’s better known tech journalists and backed by a strong team of writers, designers and technologists who understand content, media platforms and technologies. We have demonstrated ability to combine online, social and mobile platforms to build communities for new media products. We achieve this through a robust process for content creation, collation and management.

The portals we service see strong communities because we provide meaningful, relevant content

→ that provokes conversations
→ that attracts like-minded people
→ across different verticals
→ across delivery platforms
→ across devices

Our communities come alive because of regular updates including:

• Latest news
• Product releases
• Market/products analysis
• Features
• Interviews with industry veteran and thought leaders

Our large communities across different verticals and in B2B and B2C space provide cross-promotional opportunities for our business partners, thus making the portals more vibrant.

Proof of Concept

It is not without a reason that we own & manage seven dynamic websites.

Techtree.com – for the latest views, reviews and street prices on tech products.

Khelnama.com - India's complete sports destination for cricket, tennis, football and athletics.

WheelsUnplugged.com – visit for latest auto industry news, new launches, car and bike reviews and a buyer’s guide.

Chakpak.com - breaking news, views and gossip about South Indian films, celebs and film events.

CXOtoday.com – Provides decision makers of India's leading enterprises a perspective on IT.

Supportbiz.com - caters to small and medium enterprises with interviews, policy updates, business information, breaking news, market trends and analysis.

ChannelTimes.com – the premier information vehicle for IT channel partners.

Beyond Content

Trivone also conducts online and offline events to strengthen community engagement and facilitate networking among members. We manages digital assets of clients by

Building platforms to promote internal knowledge sharing
Managing extranet portals intended to promote specific causes
Managing social media for the company and assisting in online strategy

Trivone – Unique. Relevant. Happening.